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FS17 Road Pack Kit

Farming Simulator 17
Map Objects
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11mo ago
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Hello all and here is the Road Pack kit I have been working on for a good while.

IMPORTANT --- there is a slight issue with the 50mSlope section, the "trafficSplineMarker" have been place wrong by accident, for a quick fix they can be easily swapped around into their correct place within the slope section, until I re submit the fixed version.

As a example the 50mSlope5Up marker is in the 50mSlope5Down, so these just need swapping over by clicking on the "trafficSplineMarker" in the 50mSlope5Up, then left Ctrl and "X" and then click on the 50mSlope5Down and then press left Ctrl + "V", then do the exact same, to replace the other correct one back to 50mSlope5Up. There are only 6 pieces in this section so it won't take you long to fix.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and will amend this as soon as I can, Thank you.

Right first of all a MASSIVE thanks to Fatian, for producing a awesome model for us to use when his original kit was uploaded, It had inspired me to make what I have and personally without the permission of using his kit as a skeleton, this kit would not have made it here.

Okay this kit is as follows and not going to name all the parts, just the basics of what this is.

Before we start I do recommend importing the kit into your map, once this is in your map create a transform group and call it something like "RoadNetwork", once this is done look at the kit for what piece you need and then duplicate it, then place it in your newly made "RoadNetwork" and work with that piece by removing objects not needed within. The reason being is if you need the same piece somewhere else with a object that was deleted, it can't be brought back unless importing the full kit again or selecting and exporting to your map.

The kit is divided into three sections


The Dual's speak for themselves, and have a few options to make you motorways-Highways, all these road kit pieces have variations of road lines to choose from, the dual kit pieces only have 2 options, English or American. It's simple delete of the one you don't wish to use, and keep the one you do.
They also have cats eyes which are also choice of having them or not, again just delete if not needed.
Within the dual's and streets I have Placed "TrafficSplineMarker", which is just a simple red line to help aid you placing your traffic splines on the road, once your splines are complete these to can be deleted from the road piece. There is also crash barriers which again can be deleted if not needed and that's pretty much it for the dual's.

The streets are your normal style roads you see around town, there are a few good selections of these in the kit from straights, slopes, curves and junctions. They all have similar characteristics as the dual's but there is more of a choice on road markings, the English and American now have their own transform groups, again what isn't needed delete. Inside these transforms are options 1,2,3 so on, the English version only has three and the American version has 7, it's just a case of getting used to the numbers you need as they are or should be the same for all pieces within the street kit. Again there is "TrafficSplineMarker" and should be removed once the splines are placed. Again Please read IMPORTANT fix above for the 50mSlope section.
There is a few options also for paving on the street straights, there is a option of 4 and again just a case of choosing which ones you want and remove the rest. There is also a brick wall, fences, and additional paving as a bonus, these again duplicate and place them for working with.
There is also just a few separate road markers including speed humps and pedestrian crossing, just by selecting these and placing them inside the transform group for the piece you are wanting to place it on, will make it so much easier to get these looking right.

There are 2 versions of the roundabouts, single and double. If Fatian's kit has been used by yourself before, then this needs no explaining, other than the road marker for English or American, and also the direction signs for English and American, once you have decided and delete the ones you don't want, then move your signs by rotation only, then duplicate and rotate again to cover your roundabout exit roads.
If you ever mess up in GE and do a quick mistake press left CTRL and "Z" and this will undo your mistake.

The Lanes are again self explanatory, place them as needed as these don't have any markings inside them.
There is straights, curves, slopes, and also junctions.

There is also just a little bridge placed in for a sneaky bonus also.

Please enjoy and any questions can be asked once this becomes live.

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FS17 Road Pack Kit in Map Objects - fs mods
FS17 Road Pack Kit in Map Objects - fs mods
FS17 Road Pack Kit in Map Objects - fs mods
FS17 Road Pack Kit in Map Objects - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

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Overall rating: 5/5 stars
BulletBill - 5/5 stars

A fantastic road pack kit. A must for any mapper.

Hoot - 5/5 stars

Thanks for the US colored line Robbie!



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