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John Deere 4760

Farming Simulator 17
John Deere
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2y ago
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Ross W.
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The John Deere 4760 was made between 1992 and 1996. Very few were made, making this tractor rare. With 175 horsepower under the hood, this tractor has the same range of horsepower of the John Deere 4440 at the time of its creation. This tractor, part of the '60 series, was available in 2WD or 4WD and also one of the first John Deere tractors to have the exhaust stack on the side of the cab.

I (Ross W.) First started this mod back in fs15 and eventually converted it up to fs17 to finish it off. It was made to replicate the 4760 my grandfather used to have before he traded it for a 7930. This tractor includes:

175 hp
$62,000 with the duals
custom sounds taken from a real john deere 4760


Testing & quality

Some minor problems

This mod has been tested by ccs101, a volunteer within our community.

The test report will give you a good idea of how well this mod works, but some small issues could have been missed.

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Test Results

Images Perfect
Description Perfect
Credits Perfect
Log Errors Perfect
Store Item Perfect
Functionality Some minor problems
Physics Untested
3D Model Perfect
Scale Perfect
Animations Some minor problems
Textures Some minor problems
Multiplayer Untested


This is a great tractor mod, handles very well, has really good sounds and the model is well done... however, has a couple of issues...

Whether the tractor has the duals attached or not, the rear tire tracks are wider than the actual tires, and there is only the single set of tracks, spaced out a bit from the visible rear wheels, and when the duals are attached, the tracks appear to be originating from in between the inner and outer wheels on each side. Looking at the mod in GE, it is revealed that for the rear wheels, there is a wide individual wheel and tire, invisible, with the two regular wheels inside of it, the inner and the outer... this is why the tracks appear the way they do, the tracks are coming from the invisible main "wheel", not the visible inner and outer wheels as they should be... this means that no matter whether or not the duals are present, the single track from each side is in the wrong place. Examining the wheels and duals setup on the default tractors will show how these should be properly set up for the correct behavior and appearance.

The textures of the tractor are not proper AO standard, as all the default equipment in the game use... this is likely due to the way the mod is constructed, in GE using parts from other tractors... this method does work fine, (although it is preferred to use a 3D program to place all the parts together and assign the materials and arrange the textures correctly) it just creates the need for many more textures, since you then need all the appropriate textures for each part from each donor tractor used for the mod. Also, this creates a problem when it is time to create dirt skins for the mod using specular textures... each mesh used in the mod must have only one material applied to it in the 3D program used to create the mesh... if more than one material are applied, then when attempting to apply a dirt skin using a specular texture, there will be portions of that mesh which either stay dirty all the time (not washable) or refuse to show dirt at all... the only solution to this problem is to take the mod into a 3D program such as Maya or Blender and reassign materials to the meshes and arrange the textures correctly... at this point it makes since to create proper AO textures anyway, since the mod would be in the 3D program. This is the issue with this mod concerning the dirt skin, since the front rims, the entire engine and the passenger side linkage component are all meshes which have multiple materials applied to them, it is impossible for them to use a specular texture and be washable... if done that way, they remain dirty at all times and are not washable. Additionally, due to the way some of the meshes in the various donor mods were textured, some use a single small square of solid color to paint the whole mesh, making it difficult to use a specular texture for the dirt skin. As a result, some areas of the mesh may have long stripes of dirt or other unrealistic patterns...

The mod is very enjoyable to use, it is just these issues with the tire tracks, the lack of AO textures and the lower quality dirt skin which need improvement... this mod is definitely worth the effort, however, to go ahead and make perfect...

John Deere 4760 in John Deere - fs mods
John Deere 4760 in John Deere - fs mods
John Deere 4760 in John Deere - fs mods
John Deere 4760 in John Deere - fs mods
John Deere 4760 in John Deere - fs mods
John Deere 4760 in John Deere - fs mods

Ratings & Feedback

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Overall rating: 3/5 stars
christianfancy - 5/5 stars

love it


Mod Author- Ross W.


3-point taken from a John Deere 7930 by:

Ross W.
Stop sound taken from John Deere 8530 by Sotillo

Special Thanks to akuenzi & ccs101 for all the help and to everyone else for all the special support.

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