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Region Flusswald

Farming Simulator 2011
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Welcome to the region River Forest
You have fulfilled a dream and bought the old farm from the seriously ill, Herbert Schulze. This farm is located between the village of River Forest and the village of Waldeck.
You spent a lot of money for the court, which is why they could not equal to invest in new machinery. But the friends of Eifok team who have just a BGA built next door to help them be happy with some devices.It is the beginning of June, which is the peak season for farmers. The cows are fortunately currently in pasture, so there is time for the harvest.
The Eifok country trade takes its beet harvested and the straw power plant which was built by the Eifok team for the village, needs regular straw deliveries.

- Default
- Sugar beet

- Very Good Performance
- Clip Distance Adjusted
- Railway Line
- Functioning Milk Truck

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Region Flusswald  in Maps - fs mods

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Overall rating: 4/5 stars

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Map by D4rkfr34k & Eifok team.
Buildings and objects by Eifok Team, Heady, iMarvin, Funker, pfreek, Desperados93

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Manure Mod - Manure Mod by HmcrE and Koper
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MapDoortrigger - John Deere 6930
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MapSuperSiloTrigger - Eifok-Team
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