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This is the professional forestry Map.V1.1
Place a Energiehof with biogas plant and wood-fired power plant
This map is based on the Flex Steiner forest map, and was rebuilt by me.
They back-wood from the forests
-Provide your biogas plant with corn and grass
You-transporting the wood to the plant or sawmill
You-buy chips at the station and use it in the power plant.
New-logs, and about 3000 pieces fit attacher on the map. There are no GE logs that they occur after the recharge to the place where you can put them in the GE habt.Sie ​​not changed, such as straw bales werden.Praktisch
Short-and Long-wood, which can be taken with vehicles from the forest must
-Small yard with cows
Is intended as a single player and multiplayer not tested
Caution!! The wooden press is essential in your Modsordner otherwise the game is not !!!!!!( By making the wooden trunks will be depending on short or long swaths of wood out)
-The chips are still a manure crop in Spiel.Weil I can not new fruit varieties to erstellen.Aber it has the following advantage, shovels, and many fans that can run with the mist of the fruit are used. And because the fruit looks similar to mist it so gelassen.Ich chips I ask for your understanding and if someone complains then he should build it yourself and still the fruit chips NEN few shovels and trailers, oh yes, and still NEN mobile shredders please.
-The chips can be given with a front loader in the Silostar the power plant or dumped out of the trailer in front of the hall with the sliding doors werden.In a trigger for wood chips (manure) is. Or you can tilt with tipanywhere in the hall to dry.
Again to everyone, this is my first map, so since it was not so strict with me NEN pile work and I have long considered them to provide any download.
The map is not 100% real, it can no trees are cut down and there are certainly some to complain that what them.The map is for all those looking for one since LS08 Forstmap and have waited a long time, those who know the improvements we hope to . appreciate
And again at the end: forestry with agriculture who also belongs to it does not bother to download this map
So I hope you have fun with it and it will follow more Holzmods
Is the 1.1 version for improvements and wishes, I am always open
Here again the link for the wooden press it is indeed included in the modpack which is related to but excluding the DL is not the map.

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Farmingsimulator Forstmap in Forestry Maps - fs mods

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