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How to make 3d model

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Joined February 2017

« on: July 12, 2019, 05:47:42 pm »

Hi everyone, how can I make an accurate 3D model, where it is possible to get exploded and images of the tool or vehicle I want to make?
Joined November 2015

« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2019, 06:16:24 pm »

Images on google is the best for references as finding exploded diagrams etc can go into too much depth and be difficult to find.

try looking on google for the model your wanting to make then, find images from the front back sides etc, multiple angles, with reference images the more you have the better.
Joined August 2011
It only takes 1 person to help hundreds.

« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2019, 07:56:57 pm »

As Gary has mentioned Google is the best place for anything you wish to make, With Blender and I suppose Maya, the use of pictures in the view port can make any model accurate if the correct picture is taken, Blue prints are also good but really hard to come by, so Use google to see if blueprints are available for your model, if so Bonus if not keep looking!.

I made my range rover from a blueprint off google.

This is what it ended up looking like, Not perfect but the shape is there.

Joined March 2009

« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2019, 09:09:47 pm »

Great to see someone keen to get into making 3d models, less of it going on nowadays.

As said before, Blender or Autodesk Maya are good places to start. Maya can be gained via the student licences. Theres no right or wrong tool to use, its completely down to preference. I personally use Maya and not a fan of Blender however people who generally use Blender don't like Maya. End of the day they do the same job just in their own way.

Being prepared with resources before you start really kick starts the model. Trying to just flick up a picture of what you want to make then trying to draw it is okay but you'd have to have a very keen eye to get the proportions correct. For my most recent model I luckily found a side on drawing from the manufacturers website, I knew the vehicle was 3m wide too so along with searching high and low their website, brochures and Facebook to find pictures it gave me a clear start on what to do. Once the 'base' of your model is started and things are looking right it can then become easier to judge the scale of parts without detailed resources as you build it in relation to what is already done.

If you're making something that you have in real life, take pictures and lots of them. You can never have enough even if you think you do. 'Whats the other side of that box' for example, then 'why didn't i get a picture of that' often happens. Along with pictures if you have the real thing there its handy to get any measurements, every bit of information and detail makes your life easier.

A lot of stuff comes in time and after doing many models. I began toying with it when i was 13 and the models were rough by todays standards, but now I after making countless vehicles I'm usually rather satisfied. Hopefully at some point I'll show you what I've been working on when its nearer completed Smiley

Hope this helps

Joined August 2011
It only takes 1 person to help hundreds.

« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2019, 10:20:08 pm »

Hopefully at some point I'll show you what I've been working on when its nearer completed Smiley

Now just get them pictures up before the end of FS-UK Oli

Only 19 days left?? lets see you'r work Oli

Get them pictures up in the Gallery.

As Oli has also said Maya is another 3d modelling programme, but as far as I am aware no monies can be made from a Maya 3d modelling programme when in use with the Student version? Correct me if wrong! if uploaded to Modhub and receiving rewards. Again not 100% sure but that is what I assumed due to rights and all.

Blender however is completely FREE and has a million and many tutorials on YouTube showing the in's and out's, and also like Oli mentioned they are very similar to each other, ! Not the same but all do the same thing, place a mod in game.

I personally can not get along with Maya

1 reason = the Price is at $3,495 a year, Bam! what a bummer!!.
2 reason = if you have the student version you are limited to what can be achieved.
Picture to follow

3 reason = Blender is Free and widely available why pay! PS: please choose to donate to keep further versions live.
4 reason = Blender can and will do as much as Maya, it's only the plugins that stop us from having the same as Maya over Blender

You know what I could go on and on but most will say Maya is better than Blender over preference, I am Blender through and through, Tried Maya hate it ! end of, and I suppose some Maya people out there are exactly the same tried Blender hate it end of!. Each to their own and I can see that, but bottom line is are you paying for your 3d moddelling programme or getting it free to make mods?

I bought Substance Painter a few good years ago now on steam offer, only to find this has been bough out by Adobe PS, Will I ever update it? Don't think so as never going to subscribe to something I bought out right? I know things change over the years etc: but obviously Adobe seen some marketing in this and thought a great idea to pay millions for SP and make millions back.

This storey could run out of time, but bottom line is ! How serious are you at wanting to model, if casual then Blender is you'r guy for sure, if Serious and you wana try and make millions from Giants empire, then the choice is Blender or Maya, I am not sending you any way at all Blender Honest Blender is the Key Blender is the tool? Hehe! Honestly make your own mind up these are just suggestions.

I also hope that helps.

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