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james 1057
Joined May 2009

« on: May 12, 2019, 05:11:51 pm »

Is anyone else playing this map, Oakfield?  I'm enjoying the map doing most of the work myself, but the cow zone doesn't seem to work.  I have tried to spread straw in the barn, but it tells me that it is full and will be fine for ten days.  The fertilizer trigger doesn't work, neither does the water trigger thank god for placeables.  you can't activate the cow zone if you start with the middle option and buy the land you can't buy any cows for the area as it says not activated.  the number of times that giants rejected this map with errors I'm starting to wonder what the hell they were testing.  No blame to Oxygendavid he has done a brilliant job, but giants should have been testing this sort of thing. 

So if anyone can offer me some suggestions to get it working that would be great thank you.

Happy Farming.
Mod Addict
Joined August 2012
Virtue mine honour

« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2019, 09:06:12 pm »

Oxygendavid converted the map for 19 but sadly there are limitations in order to keep it as it was in 17. If you play on anything other than new farmer mode you will run into these limits. Some of those are the one you are having with activation after buying the land and the other is parts will disappear like the slurry pit for the cows.

Seeing that the map was built based on an actual location he wanted to keep it as true to life as possible for those that loved the map in 17. You can still use placeables on the map but just not in the same way you would on a map made for farm yards to be built by you. So basically for you to get the most from the map in the way it was meant you will need to play in new farmer mode.

Over a 1000 mods collected and counting...had to start over for 19 so now 260 mods and counting. And can help test if wanted/needed.
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