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crops on field

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james 1057
Joined May 2009

« on: January 07, 2019, 02:15:57 pm »

Hi all, playing fs 17 and coming into the last throws of autumn and I was wondering, we own a lot of land and with some combining still to go because of a very wet spring on the game and sugarbeet and potatoes still to lift, I was thinking of trying to save a little time, if I collect the beet from the harvester and then dumped it on the field to collect in winter with the maus will I lose some of the sugarbeet like for example you would lose a little grass over night.  This really would help me, as the tipping point for the beet storage is a very, very long way from the field, but if a little of the crop rots or disappears then it is something that i'm going to have to travel to and from. 

Thank you
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