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Heaps and Seasons

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Joined December 2018

« on: December 17, 2018, 12:11:17 pm »

I might be wrong but I have noticed there is a tiny daily loss of amount dumped on the ground, no matter if it is under a shed or not. I am not talking about straw, grass and hay but manure. In fact I did test it on purpose, dumping 4000l inside a shed and 4000l on the ground in the open. Both heaps had a loss of about 5-6l the next day, without rain. At first I thought it was something with the map (Oakfield). Then I did the same test at Valley Old Farm and the outcome was the same. In both cases, I was Seasons enabled. Is this a Seasons feature? Maybe a glitch of FS or both maps maybe? I mean if it is a feature of Seasons it is good. Every heap would have a loss in real life even if kept inside (breeze, natural decay etc.). I just don't know.

My second concern is about manure and woodchips dumped in the open. Would they have impact by rain? Manure is often just cleaned out of stable and heaped on the ground somewhere in the farm and woodchips may be left on the ground for a while, when using the sawdust mod.
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