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Coldborough Park Farm ( 2015 ) Prices Bug?

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Joined April 2015

« on: December 06, 2018, 08:25:04 pm »

Many Greetings Fellow PC Farmers.  Smiley

I am playing the 2015 version of Coldborough Park Farm on the PC,
Always been one of my favourite FS 2015 maps.. Yes I playing on and off the newer FS 2017
version too!  But the BUG I found is in the 2015 version of the CPF map?

Well, this is a odd one.. I playing a saved game as normal and for ages after many
times loading it up and playing it was fine?

Then out of the blue.. Bam the Main grain amounts and prices for them screen goes nuts?

All the top names of the sell points are now all messed up with lots of random numbers & symbols
& letters there instead.. plus not one of the listed grain amounts or prices for them are there now it
is fully blank where they were!

I thought ok I will do a fresh copy of the CPF starting up map and just copy
and replace the saved done info from the CPF map I had already done and the
problem of the missing grain amounts and sell points be reset?

Nope the starting map of CPF was fine the grains & sell points there ok!

But after I pasted in the copy of the one I had from the long time used one,
bam the same problem of the messed up and missing grain and sell points
lists happened again!

So lovely people anyone know what is up with the grain & price list?  Huh

And most important how I correct it?

And as for mods btw.. I have allot all of which work fine and been used for ages
without upsetting any of the game features or list etc. No new ones added either.

Thanks for help.  Smiley
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