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Grant Contractor (having issues)

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Joined December 2018

« on: December 04, 2018, 12:51:52 pm »

Hello everyone

Me and some friends have bought a dedi server for FS 19, and it's been up and running since the release. (no problems, but alot of ingame bugs though)

We have started 6 individual farms(one for each of us), and started doing work for each other, meaning we have to use the: Grant Contractor. function.

(Still no problem)

But then when ur done, you turn off the Grant contractor, so other players cant just run off with all your equipment or sell your grain while u'r gone.

Problem is, when u quit the server, suddenly everyone who have had Contractor Granted, is now a Contractor again!
Everytime we turne it off, it turnes back again. So basically, now everyone has Contractor status with everyone.

Luckily we are all friends, so no one messes arround. (not too much :b ) But i still have to TAB my way through  20 machines every time i want to find my tractor -.-

Have anyone else noticed the problem ?

could it be that it turnes back because we are all Admins on the server ?

any thougts ?

Best regards
Realismus Modding
Joined January 2015

« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 01:05:17 pm »

Yep known bug, has been fixed in the upcoming 1.2 patch.
Workaround: don't use the contractor functionality for now. Restarting the server should also reset this.

GIANTS Software | Gameplay Developer
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