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Older tractor has lower working speed than same new tractor

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Joined November 2018

« on: November 09, 2018, 11:09:11 pm »

I have noticed one wierd thing today.
I have Challenger MT800 with fully upgraded engine and seeder Pronto 9DC.
Challenger has 11 working hours , 33 days old and its repaired.
Working speed when sowing/cultivating on flat field is barely 13-14km/h, it used to be easily 20km/h.

I bought new MT800 with fully upgraded engine, same as the first tractor and using same seeder, tractor is able to achieve speed of 20km/h easily and it accelerates much faster.

I even tried to put them side by side on same field with same sower, i activate H (helper) on both of them at the same time and the new tractor easily accelerates and work much faster.

What is wrong here ?

Btw, i am using more realistic engine (latest version) and gameplay, so i dont know if this is normal "thing " in seasons (older vehicle = slower working speed than new one) or its some issue.

Game has latest patch.

Tnx in advance.

edit: just tried same test old vs new same tractor with same seeder in same conditions , but with disabled More Realistic Engine and its working MRE is causing the problem, but i dont know if its intended to have lower working speed with older vehicles or its an issue ?

edit 2: ground response mod is causing the issue....with disabled ground response, both old and new tractor are working with same speed.

So, apparently, ground response has some conflict with MR even if Dural said its now compatible...
"known mod conflicts :
- ground response mod -> lose of power, traction problem, speed problem : offcial ground response mod is now supported"
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