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[FS17] MR - *** Important informations ***

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« on: April 30, 2017, 05:21:23 pm »

Hi, after letting down FS15 (october 2014 ! sorry for those who tried to contact me), MR tries to come back with FS17 thanks to a friend of mine that lend me the game so that I see if something "right" can be done with this version. Scripting tests have been more successful than FS15 and even if there are still many "lacks" in realism in the game, a "morerealistic" mod can "exist". I spent (and still spend) all my free time since the game coming out (I get it the 25th october 2016). This is already a lot of time (more than 30hours a week) and the result is "bearable".
Just for fun : my FS17 "documents" folder contains 1000 files (no more, no less at the moment). This is all the "source, help, technical, sdk, etc" documents I use/used for MR17. This is in no way relevant to the size of the mod.

Contrary to MR11 and 13, I decided not to play the game (modified by "MR") to test it before releasing it.

Since V0.3.XX, the "MR" is now split into 2 mod files (zip) :
- = the "physics" engine with the base game vehicles conversion = crop prices adjustment, yields, fertiliser/manure usage, seeds usage (in fact, all the "map" dependant settings)

Note : if you want to support "MR" for Farming Simulator, please read the "__IMPORTANT.txt" file within the ""

Vehicles categories already"converted" (ported to "mr") :
- all genuine game vehicles
- all kuhn DLC vehicles
- all Big Bud DLC vehicles
- all Horsch Pack vehicles
- all Straw Harvest Addon vehicles
=> 297 converted vehicles
Note : some "vehicles" are not converted because they don't need to (example : weights, because the mass is already right and there are no wheels)

For those who love figures, you can find 4 files in the "data" subfolder of the moreRealisticGameplay mod folder :
- "fillTypes.xml" = prices of "fillTypes"
- "fruitTypes.xml" = yield, seed usage, windrow
- "sprayTypes.xml" = fertiliser, manure, liquidManure, digestate usage
- "fruitConverters.xml" = chaff, woodchips, grass silage yields

Link to official Modhub downloads =>

Link to converted xml web site - databank =>

Link to my google drive =>

Video tutorial on how to get ready with MR by "flatlander84" :

It should be "MP Ready" even if I didn't really tested it  Roll Eyes

Note : you can play "mr" with no "mr" vehicles but :
- you get real filltype masses by playing "mr" and so, "not mr" vehicles may not appreciate it
- attaching a "not mr" tractor with a "mr" implement = may be harder for the tractor, but since they are 'overpowered', it should handle it with less speed than with the "not mr" implement version
- attaching a "mr" tractor with a "not mr" implement = it should be ok, but the "mr" tractor could be driven by the implement (because "not mr" vehicles have totally irreal ground friction)

Note 2 : i am not responsible if your computer explode by using the mod (should not, but... anyway, the "mr" does not mess with the savegame file, and so, you should not lose your game)

Note 3 : for those who love figures 2 : you can use the "debug" command in the console while ingame (only when playing alone or server-side) to get a lot of information about your tractor (fuel consumption, power, slippage, masses, etc) => useful when converting vehicles
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« Reply #1 on: April 30, 2017, 05:21:41 pm »

Description of the mod

so, what's different in this version compared to the base game ?
- you are driving farming equipment, not pretenting to  Grin
- real masses for vehicles and content
- rolling resistance (takes into account ground type and wheel type, and wheel width and wheel radius)
- air resistance
- transmission efficiency
- real engine torque curve (even if this is not really useful with CVT transmission, we have the correct rpm like IRL)
- real acceleration (no more rocket launch start)
- new CVT transmission that manages the engine rpm according to power demand (less power = less rpm, engine brake needed = more rpm)
- no more "glue" tyre with more than 2 times what we can expect IRL (in the base game, with a 5T tractor, you can expect having as more tractive power as a 10T tractor IRL... if not more)
- duals, weight, wide tyre do have an incidence in game now (for example : larger tyre = better in field, but not on the road)
- you have to choose "carefully" your implement/tractor set (especially if you have "sloppy" fields)
- realistic fuel consumption based on power delivered (and rpm at which the power is delivered) (base game = fuel only depends on "rpm" = you consume more fuel on the road, empty, at full speed than in a field with a bigcultivator)
- engine power is now useful on combine (no more "smart" to use a bigger header on a smaller combine). The lesser the yield, the easier for the combine (limits are set by the combine "max capacity", the speed limit of the header and the engine power)
- when unloading, a combine does use power too !
- real brake force applied to the correct wheels (no more combines braking with all the wheels like a car)
- beware : like IRL, don't trust what is written on the hood of a tractor (example : a nh T6.160 is not at the same level as a "160Hp" tractor)
- pretty realistic tyre slipping (I had to make concessions to get this one right, and so, the vehicles can slide easily laterally. Indeed, the tractive power is defined by the longitudinal and lateral caracteristic of the tyre. This is a limitation of the game engine)
- Balancing of "fruit" yields and prices (potatoes and beet are more rewarding, there is no more a greater yield for barley than corn, ... modification take into account real figures + equipment needed + manual/automated work needed, seeds needed and refilling time, time lost emptying harvester and carting the product)
- Close to real figures for seeding densities (less liter of seeds needed to sow one hectare of rape than one hectare of wheat)
- Base game converted vehicles should have better "off road" capabilities than in the base game (especially true for wider equipment = combine harvester or tractors with wide implement) -> extended use of "component spring joint"
- No more infinite engine braking force (you can't "over speed" an engine with the base game) -> with "mr", the transmission and engine will try to retains the vehicle, but like IRL, if you don't use your brakes, you have to drive down in low gear to avoid accident Wink
- Real weight and weight distribution for converted base game vehicles

How to fully experience the "MR" game :
1. Start a new game on one of the 2 default maps with only "moreRealistic" and "moreRealisticGameplay" (no other mods). 2. Don't use a money cheat (patience is a virtue)
3. Try not to spend your time doing "missions"
4. Drive by yourself your tractors/equipment before allowing the "hired worker" to do all the work by itself
5. Think. Think. And think before purchasing a new piece of equipment (have I got the proper amout of HP to pull this new tool ? is it more efficient to buy a more powerful tractor or a wider implement ? what is the best solution to get the job done in less time with my current bank account ?)
6. once you mastered the "MR" base game, you can start thinking about "mods" => another map = another challenge, new piece of equipment ? (DLCs ?), new way of playing = "Seasons" for example

PS : the "bad" thing = in fact, "MR" suits well players who don't want to hear about mods and play the base game only. (but of course, they don't know about "mr". It can only become a reality if "MR" becomes the "base game")

Question : do you think FS19 would sell better or worse if the "MR" was the base "engine" ?
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« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2017, 05:21:52 pm »


2016-10-25 : first test scripting the game engine
2016-12-03 : first alpha version
2017-04-30 : project announcement on FS-UK
2017-08-23 : forestry pack released (v0.5)

"Rents" about the base game :
- "fillVolume" : only the Holmer T4 "fillvolume" does look "good". I am quite disappointed on this point.
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« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2017, 05:22:01 pm »

known mod conflicts :
- ground response mod -> lose of power, traction problem, speed problem : offcial ground response mod is now supported
- fuel usage display mod -> lose of power, incorrect fuel usage etc

MR base game comparison

transmission = true CVT, not a full-powershift with lightening speed change and dozens speed ratios.
fuel consumption, case quadtrac 620
* base game = more than 340Liter per hour at full speed (empty, no implement) => engine with more than 1700Hp IRL Huh
* MR = 56L/H at full speed  (28T empty)
seed consumption
* base game = as much as 400L per Ha for sugarbeet !!! (base game seeder = Amazone EDC => only 0.6Ha before refilling !)
* real data = closer to 4-5L per Ha (which means you can sow more than 40Ha with the Amazone)
* base game = amazone 6 furrows fully-mounted plow : you can lift it with the smallest tractor of the game (Zetor major 80) => without any front ballast and then pull it at 5kph (3mph) at work in a field
* MR = you will need a really heavy front ballast and then, be happy to be able to plow at 1kph
* base game = Pottinger Novacat front mower + New holland Discbine rear mower. With Zetor 80, you can't start both mower. With Hurlimann 488 you can start and mow at a "decent" speed. (if the mowers were not colliding with the ground, you would be able to mow at full speedlimit of the mowers.) And of course, whatever the grass to be cut (small grass ? fully growned grass ? fully fertilised ?)
* MR = you can start both mowers with the small zetor 80, but then, depending on the grass "density", you will be limited to something like 0-5kph
* base game = joskin drakkar full of wheat. You can tow it at full speed on a flat surface (whatever the ground type) with the smallest tractor (the smalelr the HP, the smaller the acceleration, but nothing would prevent you to achieve full speed on a flat surface). Only the gravity can make you lose speed (when going uphill).
So, for a small tractor => full speed on flat, and then, stuck with the smallest incline.
* MR = even on road you can't achieve the max speed with the zetor 80 (drakkar full of wheat)
Like IRL, speed depends on the HP at the wheel, tire slippage, rolling resistance of each vehicle depending on the tyre type and ground type, air resistance (only significant at high speed) and then gravity.
=> no more driving through field, moutain and whatever is in the straight path between your position and your destination. With "mr", you should stick to the road as much as possible.

visual realism
* base game = tedders seem to only change grass into hay
* MR = tedders actually spread grass over the field

* base game = some forestry tools are useless. Example : Heizomat woodcrusher (too hard to feed it), Sampo Wood Harvester (the arm can only work on flat surface)
we can use the starting car vehicle (improved engine) to make the Jenz 583 Z work (cheating). Logs usually try to flee from claws while you are trying to handle them (especially noticeable when the FPS is less than 60). This is a pain to feed the JENZ BA725 (many "jamming") except when using very small logs. The wheelLoader's log fork is also not very useful. The DFM TR3200 can't seem to be able to pick up a log.
Sometimes, when crushing a log, we don't get woodchips (the tree disappears, but no woodchips in the trailer, no crushing sound, no particles emitted)
All in all, forestry seems a little broken when we try to get started in it. Most player would stop or stick with the same equipment (Ponsse scorpion + JENZ 583Z). This is too bad since there are a lot of tools to play with.
* MR = every piece of equipment can be operated and be useful for forestry. As usually, you will want to get money to get better equipment (example : woodCrushers output really depend on the tractor)
You get 100% of the woodchips even if the wood log is very small
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