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Mods: Silver vs Gold

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« on: March 01, 2013, 01:37:45 pm »

There's been some confusion about the Silver and Gold mods in the mods page, so here's my attempt to explain in the simplest way..

Gold Mods should have no errors or problems. For example, no UV errors, no performance warnings, no errors at all. The mod must look perfect and work perfectly.

Silver Mods should work perfectly, but we can allow some minor cosmetic or performance issues. For example, one or two "UV out of range" errors (as long as it's only one or two), the store description is in German or missing information (such as Upkeep costs which is an important feature), etc. Those problems must not affect the game play.

External Mods or Modhub mods are not hosted or tested by us. They are mods featured on another website, and we link to them. You can read more about this here.

Q: Why not add Bronze standard?
A: We don't need to. Anything lower than Silver is not acceptable.

Q: Why not add Platinum standard?
A: We don't need to, this is covered in Gold standard.

Q: Why do some Gold mods have problems?
A: This should not be the case. Please report any problems you find in the Support topic so we can demote the mod until it is fixed. Remember, our staff are only human.

Q: I don't agree with this, it's lowering the standards of the site!
A: If you don't agree with this then you probably don't understand the concept. We didn't lower our standards, we just allowed a public platform for mods which don't make the Gold standard to be displayed, where the public can give their feedback and where modders can aim higher to get their mods in the Gold standard.
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