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Horrible colour in back ground

This is not my model, and don't wish to take any credit for it, but just been playing with the original Hedge in Blender, and added 4 LOD's in total to make this viewable from 600 clip in game, reduced the original model from 1072 triangles at a view of 13-30-50 clip and then to 650 at a triangle count of 446. This would be great for games as it doesn't change shape at all throughout the LOD's Now just to try and find the original modeller to see if He / She would like to upload the new performance'd version, or I can do it for them!

Keeping it simple

That's enough for this evening - winter ploughing

The Beach!!!

The bale stack has grown to the point the MF5613 had to be traded in for a telehandler

nice pack of Ford 7810s best ever

this is a fantastic mod. a neighbor of my had the same setup years ago. brings back good memories

Carting topsoil all day for a neighbours garden project

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