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Sorry for posting so many pictures on this subject and I will stop soon, just first time I have edited a Giants map before and what best map to do ? 2009, so wanting a really good look and maybe even try and get this good old map looking like a British style map, Suppose never been made like this before as most people have guided at keeping it close to the original, Not me I am going to totally revamp this and start a WIP in good time. Thanks for putting up with my pictures. PS: This is the look I was wanting and now happy with the outcome.

Kverneland cle 430/5 for fs19

Right I have added 9 more tyre tracks to the weight.png files and now happyish at the outcome, and I suppose a little more playing could get this looking okay for a paintable layer that is! These will not be within the uploaded pack but will uploaded them as a addition.

He just stands there doing jack all day ... gets a good wage too ... wages cut jimmy boy

My first test of FS19, everything seems very light and shiny

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